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Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blaisdell, Anne  23 Oct 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4560
2 Blaisdell, David  5 Feb 1711/12Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4553
3 Blaisdell, Elijah  19 Nov 1706Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4561
4 Blaisdell, Elizabeth  Between 1721 and 1725Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4556
5 Blaisdell, Enoch  9 Jul 1714Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4558
6 Blaisdell, Hannah  8 Jan 1719/20Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4564
7 Blaisdell, Henry  12 Mar 1725/26Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4565
8 Blaisdell, Jonathan  11 Oct 1676Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4542
9 Blaisdell, Jonathan  15 Aug 1709Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4562
10 Blaisdell, Mary  21 Nov 1699Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4559
11 Blaisdell, Samuel  Abt 1717Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4563
12 Colby, Abigail  29 Mar 1713Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4861
13 Colby, Samuel  19 Apr 1698Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4687
14 Goodwin, Daniel  18 Mar 1713/14Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4611
15 Goodwin, David  8 Jun 1711Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4610
16 Goodwin, Elizabeth  12 Oct 1706Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4608
17 Goodwin, Isaac  1 Apr 1736Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4862
18 Goodwin, Joseph  8 Aug 1702Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4607
19 Goodwin, Mary  28 Jan 1707/08Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4609
20 Goodwin, Moses  17 Apr 1718Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4612
21 Goodwin, Richard  1655Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4867
22 Goodwin, Samuel  Abt 1680Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4541
23 Goodwin, Samuel  31 Jul 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4606
24 Jamison, Elizabeth  18 Dec 1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4538
25 Jamison, Esther  19 Jul 1676Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4536
26 Jamison, Hannah  Abt 1678Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4537
27 Jamison, John  14 Aug 1696Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4539
28 Jamison, Mary  30 Aug 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4533
29 Nichols, Anna  1 May 1694Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4545
30 Nichols, Benjamin  8 Oct 1723Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4586
31 Nichols, David  26 Oct 1709Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4549
32 Nichols, Ebenezer  28 Mar 1722Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4585
33 Nichols, Esther  11 Sep 1703Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4547
34 Nichols, Jonathan  13 Dec 1697Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4583
35 Nichols, Mary  11 Oct 1701Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4546
36 Nichols, Rachel  10 Mar 1711/12Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4550
37 Nichols, Stephen  18 Nov 1717Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4551
38 Nichols, Thomas  20 Jun 1706Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4548
39 Nichols, Thomas (Nickols)  16 Oct 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4544
40 Pressey, Hannah  10 Feb 1695/96Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4594
41 Pressey, Jacob  1 Mar 1703/04Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4597
42 Pressey, Jonathan  8 Jul 1707Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4598
43 Pressey, Sarah  7 Sep 1698Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4595
44 Pressey, Susanna  19 Feb 1709/10Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4599
45 Pressey, William  2 Jun 1671Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4582
46 Pressey, William  25 Feb 1701/02Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4596
47 Sawyer, John  5 Sep 1721Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4588
48 Stevens, Esther  10 Oct 1691Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4601
49 Stevens, Jane  10 May 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4605
50 Stevens, John  Abt 1666Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4540
51 Stevens, John  20 May 1698Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4603
52 Stevens, Joseph  16 Nov 1700Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4604
53 Stevens, Mary  18 Feb 1688/89Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4600
54 Stevens, Sarah  11 Sep 1694Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4602
55 Tuxbury, Tabitha  10 Oct 1702Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4622
56 Worthen, Mary  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4543


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blaisdell, Jonathan  14 Oct 1748Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4542
2 Jamison, Elizabeth  22 Dec 1750Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4538
3 Jamison, Hannah  5 Jun 1748Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4537
4 Jamison, John  Abt 1713Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4527
5 Martyn, Ester (Martin)  1695Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4532
6 North, Sussanna  Aft 1696Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4581
7 Sawyer, Benjamin  1725Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4587
8 Sawyer, Samuel Lieut.  11 Feb 1717/18Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4648


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sawyer, Benjamin  1715Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4587


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blaisdell / Colby  16 Nov 1733Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1504
2 Blaisdell / Jamison  Feb 1697/98Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1499
3 Colby / Nichols  23 Oct 1718Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1549
4 Goodwin / Jamison  24 Dec 1701Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1498
5 Goodwin / Tuxbury  3 Jan 1725/26Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1519
6 Jamison / Worthen  18 Aug 1726Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1500
7 Martin / North  Between 15 Mar 1659/60 and 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1511
8 Stevens / Jamison  10 May 1688Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1497

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